TE PO project completion

Saw this post on Instagram

Many forum members creations on that pic. Tempted to participate, but chocked up this month =(


  • I don't understand why they only give people 3 weeks?

    Should be 6-8 weeks...

  • Spot the clothes peg, frog case and arcade buttons, all seen here, well via YouTube first!     
  • hopefully this will mean some epic 3d case designs! please put them on shapeways....thanks!
  • http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:799834   wish i had a 3d printer.... kicks dirt.
  • the website they built for it is atrocious because of that huge pointer :\
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    "today we're releasing the precise measurements and cad files for the pocket operators on our website"

    I could not find anything there... ??
  • at the bottom of the TE page @punji

    STL DXF PDF files

  • Can't wait to see what all of you smart people come up with!
  • Really need to finish building my printer... My basic idea is to build all three POs into a single grooveboxy case with breakouts for the 3.5mm jacks and maybe tuck in the guts of a Zoom guitar pedal for more FX

    But the time, oh the time...
  • I hope someone makes a slick panel that fits PO into eurorack with separate 3.5mm signal and sync inputs and outputs...
  • if you build it....they will give u t-shirts
  • if you build it....they will give u t-shirts
  • if you build it....they will give u t-shirts

    You will get, you know, EXPOSURE.
  • Wow…I feel like an ass…totally just posted about the contest. Oppps. And yeah that is a short time frame…and looks like the "serving suggestions" (ideas) were lifted straight from here lol. Hopefully one of you builders will come up with something awesome and I can see it. That would make my day! 

  • the arcade button controller w/ the po12 built in is pretty jazzy

  • @darenager, I put your mixers to good use this weekend !
    Maybe you could show how to use Volcas + POs with these mixers of yours...
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    it's beautiful. shame its just a render though. someone needs to make this!
  • My submission: 
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    that equals design 3 in 1 thing looks dope! someone def needs to make ittttttt

    if anything, i would change the order that they are in.  in my experiments, the rhythm seems to go best last in regards to volumes and balancing w/ other POs.

    i initially had the factory last, and the volumes were way out of wack

  • i like the factory first as its so dang loud it seems to cut through well.
  • This is trully beautiful.
    I wouldn't chain them though, I'd prefer one entry for sync and 3 outs.
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    @masterofstuff124  yea it sounds much better w/ factory first.  i don't have sub tho so
  • @docshermsticks. i usually go factory-Sub-Rhythm. sub seems to fit very nicely inbetween the two. having the rhythm last(i.e. the loudest gives a sorta fake sidechaining which seems to give the most pleasing mix  of all three. Im constantly mixing lvls on each device individually each patch seems to vary dramatically.
  • yea i know what u mean.  sometimes i even think the volume fluctuates on its own w/o changing any sound params or level or anything.  may be the compressor kicking in weird sometimes
  • oh my gawwwdddd
  • Wow. That is such a beautiful case.
  • !!!!!!


    So, yeah .... think we found a winner!
  • ^ 3 Knobs per PO?

    Anyway great job, so whodunnit?
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